Very Berry Fruit Salad

This berry salad is one of the easiest fruit salads to put together. It is very versatile and even though i call it a “very berry” salad, you can also add in fruits that aren’t berries too such as bananas, cherries, kiwi, mango, pineapple, apples, pears and pretty much any fruit combination you want as long as you leave out the ones that water such as watermelon.

The glaze i use for this salad is store bought in my local grocery stores and i don’t know if anything similar can be found in other regions however, if you can get a hold of any canned pie filling, that can be the closest substitute here.

Ingredients: (proportions don’t need to be exact)

3 cups Blueberries

3 cups Raspberries

3 cups Strawberries ( I didn’t have any so i used cherries)

3 large bananas

Into a large bowl, add all the fruits you want to use and mix together with 14oz of strawberry glaze. (Add more or less depending on your preference)

Its THAT easy!


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