Buttermilk Jello

Light, fluffy texture that is not overpowering sweet but just right with a fresh fruit that adds the extra boost of flavor. I absolutely love making this dessert for any or every gathering whether it is poured into one big dish or in individual serving cups. Why do I love making it so much? Because, what’s easier than easy? It takes a few minutes to put together and it looks like I spent a whole lot of time on it. It makes people come back to the table for seconds and thirds. It’s THAT good! Oh and did I mention it takes only 3 ingredients to put together? with a fruit of choice as a bonus of course.☺️ Try it once and you’ll always keep making it too.


16oz Plain Buttermilk

16oz Original Cool Whip

6oz Strawberry Jello



1.Dissolve 1 packet (6oz) jello in 1 cup of hot water, then add 1 cup of cold water (Do Not follow Jello package instructions for this recipe) and let it cool until you have a slushy mess. It should not be liquid anymore and it shouldn’t be completely set.. just until it starts to come together.

TIP: Use 1 cup of ice instead of cold water to speed up the setting process.


2.Meanwhile, while your Jello is setting, add buttermilk and cool whip to your stand mixer all at once and whip on low at first until it comes together then bring up the speed to medium/high until you have a foamy consistency.


3.Once the jello is slushy, with the mixer on low, pour the jello in gradually, then bring up the speed to high until it all becomes one. The consistency should look foamy.


4.Now work quickly because it will set very fast. Transfer the jello into a dish or into individual serving cups and decorate with your favorite berries.

5.Now Refrigerate! It is ready to serve once everything has completely set.



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