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Loaded Tomato Slices

Author Alena's Home Cooking


  • Large Tomato (cut into thick slices
  • Mayonnaise
  • Everything Bagel Seasoning
  • Smoked Salmon (optional)
  • Macro Greens (optional)


  1. Cut the tomato into thicker slices (about 1/4"), Spread a dollop of mayonnaise onto each slice, sprinkle everything bagel seasoning and top it off with grated mozzarella cheese.

    Note: If your tomato is very juicy, place the slices on a paper towel before applying mayonnaise, this will help the mayo stick to the tomato slice better.

    You could stop there, OR make them even fancier and finish off with a smoked salmon rosette and some greens.

    They are best served right away.