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Easy Salami Appetizer

With only 2 ingredients and a toothpick, you can create a showstopping plate of goodness for your next gathering.

Author Alena's Home Cooking


  • Salami or sausage (Needs to be thinly sliced)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Spinach for decor (Optional)


  1. If your salami or sausage slices are small, go ahead and just cut them in half and skip down to the assembly step, but if yours are much bigger like mine were, you don't want the roses to be much bigger then the cherry tomato, so follow these steps on how to use up the most from your slices and make more rose petals.

    Make two cuts on the salami slice, place the edge piece on top of the center piece and cut around using the top piece as a guide.

    Arrange the salami half slices in a strip overlapping the bottom piece each time, then start at the beginning of the strip and roll up forming a little rosette.

    Put a toothpick through the rosette and add a cherry tomato.

    You can also substitute tomato for any other vegetable slice as well as add a cheese cube or a mozzarella pearl.

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