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Stuffed Hassleback Potatoes

Whether you call this side dish accordian potatoes or Hassleback potatoes, they are very easy to make, it is like another baked potato recipe but dressed up with uncountable toppings and stuffings. This time i did a combination of bacon, carrots and onions. Some of the other options can be just bacon on its own, mushrooms, cheese, or carrots or onions on their own. These potatoes turn out to be a fancy and tasty little side dish.

Author Alena's Home Cooking


  • Potatoes
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Oil
  • Johnny's Seasoning Salt


  1. How do you cut hassleback potatoes?

    Simply hold a potato at one end, and gently slice thin sections about two-thirds the way down leaving the bottom on the potato uncut.

    Do you need to peel potatoes to make stuffed hassleback potatoes?

    No, it is to your preference. Peeled is just more kid friendly.






    Seasoning salt


    1. Slice the potatoes without cutting all the way through, rub with oil and season with seasoning salt

    2. Cut the carrot into thin circles, the onion into a half moon shape and season lightly with seasoning salt.

    3.Stuff the cuts of the potatoes with bacon, carrots and onion pieces in whatever order you like. Cover with foil and bake at 350F until potatoes are cooked through. (about 60-90min)

    If you want the potatoes to be more dry and bacon to the crispier side, do not cover with foil or uncover in the last 20-30 minutes of baking.

    Garnish with greens if you wish.

    ***For an even juicier plate of these wonderful potatoes, you can also melt butter (and/or add garlic) and drizzle over the top of the potatoes before serving.***


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