Hot Bologna Canapes with Korean Carrots

I love to make all kinds of appetizer sandwiches and canapes and I must say, these are one of my favorites. They’re good combined with any broth, bouillon  or some light soup or even as breakfast with a side of a cup of tea instead of a dessert. They’re also just as great to eat on their own. They’re made on a slice of wheat bread and are very filling. (You can use a slice of bread of your preference but I find them best on the European wheat bread.) They’re really easy to put together as long as you have the Korean carrot salad.


Wheat bread


Korean carrot salad



You can use any Bologna for these sandwiches, here is a picture of the one I buy from our local European store. (I also get the wheat bread there as well)


Once you have your carrot salad prepped, do some more prepping by cutting the bread, Bologna and also fill one corner of a small ziploc bag with mayonnaise and one with ketchup and cutting off a small tip with scissors on each bag.


Start “loading” the sandwiches by first drizzling some mayo on the slices of bread.


Then put a slice of bologna and top that off with carrots. Put as much or as little as you like.


Finish off with drizzling mayo and ketchup on top and bake in a preheated 350F oven for 10-12 minutes or until the bottoms are crisp.

*** You May also finish it off with grated cheese if you’d like.***


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