Croissant Sandwiches


One more sandwich idea, one more delicious breakfast or school lunch for your kids or a sandwich to take to work the next day for yourself or your spouse. It is filling and tastes very good. These sandwiches can be served hot or cold. We like them hot so i warm ours in the the oven. (Especially when its cold outside) However prepping them the night before and taking them to go with you the next day will taste just as great. (We like to add lettuce to our cold sandwiches too.)




Cold cut meat (I used smoked turkey breast)

Provolone cheese




1.Cut the croissant bun in half, drizzle mayonnaise on both halves.

2.Put meat on one side and cheese on the other. 

3.Add tomato slices in between the meat and cheese that way the tomato wont make the croissant soggy with all it’s juices.

4.Cover and bake in the oven at 350F for 10-12 minutes or until croissant is crispy on the outside and the cheese has melted on the inside.



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